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Looking back at December 2012 (01/01/2013)

Where are the U's in January 2013? (01/01/2013)

Oxford team V Cheltenham (01/01/2013)

Robins suffer yellow defeat (03/01/2013)

Poll Results for December (04/01/2013)

Beano's ban stands (04/01/2013)

London Welsh considering buying the stadium (04/01/2013)

Justin Richards Arriving on loan (04/01/2013)

Lewis Montrose arrives on loan (04/01/2013)

Josh Parker signs a contract (05/01/2013)

Oxford United V Sheffield United (05/01/2013)

Oxford team V Sheffield United (05/01/2013)

Blades progress Yellows bow out (07/01/2013)

OUFC Fixture re-arranged (08/01/2013)

Oxford V Southend (08/01/2013)

2 up for nominations (08/01/2013)

Oxford team V Southend (08/01/2013)

Shrimpers get through to Final (11/01/2013)

Youth's will now play away in FA Cup (11/01/2013)

Bradford V Oxford (11/01/2013)

Oxford Team V Bradford (12/01/2013)

Monty inspires U's win (14/01/2013)

Ryan Clarke injury (14/01/2013)

U's Youth take on Barnsley (15/01/2013)

Youths bow out of the Cup (17/01/2013)

Covers put on Oxford pitch (17/01/2013)

Oxford V Rotherham (18/01/2013)

Pitch Inspection for Rotherham match. (18/01/2013)

Match Off. No luck for the U's (21/01/2013)

Young keeper in NZ squad (23/01/2013)

Fleetwood V Oxford (26/01/2013)

Oxford team V Fleetwood (27/01/2013)

Oh my Cod what a mess for U's (28/01/2013)

Oxford V Burton (29/01/2013)

OSC against Chinnor off (29/01/2013)

Oxford team V Burton (30/01/2013)

Beano back with a goal (01/02/2013)

Looking back at the U's in January (01/02/2013)

Where are the U's in Feb 13? (01/02/2013)

Poll results for Jan 13 (01/02/2013)

Transfer day dealings (01/02/2013)

Southend V Oxford (01/02/2013)

Oxford team V Southend (02/02/2013)

Not all sunny by the seaside for the yellows (02/02/2013)

Stats: Southend v Oxford United (03/02/2013)

Oxford Senior Cup OUFC V Chinnor (06/02/2013)

OUFC Ladies progress in FACup (06/02/2013)

Peter Leven Out for the season? (06/02/2013)

Fans Forum at Oxford United (07/02/2013)

Qtr Final OUFC go through (08/02/2013)

OUFC Fans Forum outcome (08/02/2013)

Injured players make a recovery (08/02/2013)

Bridle Insurance to give shirt space away. (08/02/2013)

Oxford V Bristol (09/02/2013)

OUFC Team V Bristol Rovers (10/02/2013)

Pirates sail away with win. (10/02/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Bristol Rovers (10/02/2013)

Oxford V Fleetwood (12/02/2013)

Oxford team V Fleetwood (12/02/2013)

Oh my Cod we are in a mess. (13/02/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Fleetwood Town (13/02/2013)

Injury update on Richards (16/02/2013)

Plymouth V Oxford (16/02/2013)

Oxford Team V Plymouth (16/02/2013)

Referee for Plymouth V Oxford (16/02/2013)

Oxford do a 'Proper job me hansome' (17/02/2013)

Stats: Plymouth Argyle v Oxford United (17/02/2013)

New Shirt Sponsor announced (18/02/2013)

Dubes in training (22/02/2013)

Max gets the vote for New Zealand (22/02/2013)

Oxford V York (22/02/2013)

Referee Oxford United V York City (23/02/2013)

Oxford team v York City (23/02/2013)

York draw at Oxford (25/02/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v York City (25/02/2013)

Gillingham V Oxford (26/02/2013)

Oxford team V Gillingham (26/02/2013)

Good day out at the Gills for Oxford (28/02/2013)

Stats: Gillingham v Oxford United (28/02/2013)

The month of February (02/03/2013)

The U's in March (02/03/2013)

Scott Davies signs for the U's (02/03/2013)

OxVox Supporters Trust AGM (02/03/2013)

Poll results for February (02/03/2013)

Oxford V Port Vale (02/03/2013)

Oxford team V Port Vale (02/03/2013)

U's take the Micky out of Adams Port Vale (03/03/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Port Vale (03/03/2013)

Oxford V Rotherham (05/03/2013)

Oxford team V Rotherham (05/03/2013)

Oxford Millered by Rotherham (06/03/2013)

How many pts would OUFC need for the playoffs? (06/03/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Rotherham United (06/03/2013)

Oxford's Chappers moves on (06/03/2013)

Ride To The Home Of Total Football And Save Lives (08/03/2013)

Unwanted record for Oxford United (08/03/2013)

Torquay V Oxford (08/03/2013)

Oxford team V Torquay (09/03/2013)

Gulltastic for the U's (10/03/2013)

Vital F1... If It's F1, It's Vital! (11/03/2013)

Stats: Torquay United v Oxford United (11/03/2013)

Oxford V Barnet (12/03/2013)

Oxford team V Barnet (12/03/2013)

Oxford Buzzing after win over Bees (13/03/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Barnet (14/03/2013)

Oxford V Chesterfield (15/03/2013)

Oxford team V Chesterfield (16/03/2013)

Cook turns up the heat for Oxford (17/03/2013)

James Constable to support the Stars of Oxford (17/03/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Chesterfield (17/03/2013)

Quarter Final draw for Oxford United (18/03/2013)

Northampton V Oxford (23/03/2013)

Oxford team V Northampton (23/03/2013)

It's a Hard lesson for Oxford (24/03/2013)

Stats: Northampton Town v Oxford United (25/03/2013)

Oxford Senior Cup OUFC V Banbury (26/03/2013)

Oxford through to Oxford Senior Cup Final. (28/03/2013)

Oxford V Morecambe (28/03/2013)

Free Money For All Vital Football Readers (29/03/2013)

Oxford team news V Morecambe (29/03/2013)

Wing wizard Potter finds the net (30/03/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Morecambe (30/03/2013)

Aldershot V Oxford (31/03/2013)

Oxford team V Aldershot (01/04/2013)

Looking back at March (01/04/2013)

Where will the U's be in April (01/04/2013)

Poll results for March (01/04/2013)

Good Scott whats going wrong (01/04/2013)

Stats: Aldershot Town v Oxford United (02/04/2013)

United take on the City in final (05/04/2013)

McCormack gets award (05/04/2013)

M40 derby Oxford v Wycombe (06/04/2013)

Oxford team V Wycombe (06/04/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Wycombe Wanderers (08/04/2013)

Oxford fans left Wandering what went wrong (08/04/2013)

Injury plight gets worse at Oxford (13/04/2013)

Dagenham & Redbridge V Oxford Utd (13/04/2013)

Oxford Team V Dagenham & Redbridge (13/04/2013)

What a potty season for Oxford (13/04/2013)

Stats: Dagenham & Redbridge v Oxford United (14/04/2013)

FSF - Twenty's Plenty for Away Tickets Petition (18/04/2013)

Oxford V Rochdale (20/04/2013)

Oxford City Stars ENL2 Champions (20/04/2013)

Oxford team V Rochdale (20/04/2013)

Oxford strike 3 and we are out (21/04/2013)

Stats: Oxford United v Rochdale (21/04/2013)

Press release on managers position (25/04/2013)

OUFC Accounts year end June 2012 published (26/04/2013)

Oxford United go with Youth in 2013 (26/04/2013)

Tyrone Marsh returns to OUFC (26/04/2013)

It another Wild year (27/04/2013)

Accrington V Oxford United (27/04/2013)

Oxford team V Accrington (27/04/2013)

Oxford crown off the season with a win (28/04/2013)

Stats: Accrington Stanley v Oxford United (28/04/2013)

Looking back at April for the U's (01/05/2013)

Oxford Senior Cup Final (01/05/2013)

Poll results for April (01/05/2013)

It's D Day for the U's players Thursday (01/05/2013)

Retained list announced at OUFC (02/05/2013)

United beat City in final of OSC (02/05/2013)

All Max'ed out as season extends (04/05/2013)

Former U's players in action (04/05/2013)

Former U's man plays havoc on Alty (05/05/2013)

Mitchell Cole memorial match (07/05/2013)

Oxford get into the Blues (09/05/2013)

Its the Sky Blues for the U's (09/05/2013)

Ex U's Goalkeeper signs for Plymouth (10/05/2013)

Oxford turns out to be a right good read (10/05/2013)

Oxford win The Johnstone`s Paint Pot Challenge (10/05/2013)

Brackley V Halifax (10/05/2013)

United to sell a player and receive a fee? (11/05/2013)

Family Excellence Award for OUFC (11/05/2013)

26 years on from the first meeting with OUFC (11/05/2013)

A return for Craddock at the Kassam? (13/05/2013)

Kassam Stadium is an 'Asset of Community Value` (13/05/2013)

Tommy signs 2 year deal (14/05/2013)

Highest Avg Attendance League 2 (15/05/2013)

Max makes the New Zealand U20 squad (17/05/2013)

Midfield man signs one year deal for Oxford Utd (19/05/2013)

Meades heading to Oxford? (20/05/2013)

Paul Benson on Oxford United radar (21/05/2013)

Midfield man signs for npower league 1 Stevenage (22/05/2013)

Smalley extends his contract. (22/05/2013)

1, 2, 3 sign for the U's (25/05/2013)

New shirt sponsor next season (04/06/2013)

Oxford United fun day (04/06/2013)

Preseason taking shape for U's (06/06/2013)

Adam Chapman signs for Newport County (06/06/2013)

Putting in grass roots at Oxford (07/06/2013)

Callum Kennedy moving South (07/06/2013)

Oxford help Prostate Cancer UK (08/06/2013)

Last chance to get a cheap season ticket (08/06/2013)

Matt Tubbs on Oxford radar (09/06/2013)

Left back moves North to Gateshead (10/06/2013)

Dubes looking to play on (10/06/2013)

In the Hunt for a new right back (10/06/2013)

Matt Sparrow flying in? (10/06/2013)

Oxford United Ty up youngsters (11/06/2013)

Oxford Whing man signs up to the yellows (12/06/2013)

The Hunt is over (13/06/2013)

Oxford sign former Manchester United captain (13/06/2013)

Talented Josh Shama signs for Oxford United (14/06/2013)

Fun day in the Sun for the U's (14/06/2013)

Oxford draw Championship Charlton (17/06/2013)

Ian Lenagan on Football League Board (18/06/2013)

Kennedy heading to the Kassam stadium (18/06/2013)

Oxford United fixtures 2013/14 (19/06/2013)

Old and new tricks on the wing for United fans (19/06/2013)

Worley to play in npower league 2 13/14 season (22/06/2013)

Npower league 2 Oxford fixture moved (22/06/2013)

Date of Captital One Cup v Charlton. (22/06/2013)

Kennedys move to Oxford looks dead and buried (22/06/2013)

Matt Tubbs in tug of war between three clubs (22/06/2013)

London Welsh to ground share with Oxford United (25/06/2013)

Angelo Simone on trial with the U's (25/06/2013)

JP on the move to Wycombe (27/06/2013)

Oxford sign striker Kitson (27/06/2013)

OUFC Poll results for May 2013 (01/07/2013)

Oxford looking ahead to July (01/07/2013)

Asa Hall on trial (01/07/2013)

New(ey) left back for Oxford United ? (01/07/2013)

Matt Heath being looked at by Oxford United (01/07/2013)

Oxford look at former Watford youngster (01/07/2013)

Oxford V Swindon the rivalry tested (02/07/2013)

Liam Davis to Birmingham (02/07/2013)

Oxford play Wantage (03/07/2013)

Asa Hall arrives from Shrewsbury (06/07/2013)

Rock on Tommy joins the U's (06/07/2013)

Ardley V Oxford (06/07/2013)

Ardley any luck to the home side (07/07/2013)

Kenzer Lee being looked at by OUFC (07/07/2013)

Two defenders join the U's (09/07/2013)

Alloa Athletic V Oxford United (10/07/2013)

Wantage Town v Oxford United XI (10/07/2013)

Draw for Alloa and Oxford (12/07/2013)

Wantage 2 Oxford youth team 1 (12/07/2013)

Berwick v Oxford (12/07/2013)

Oxford beat the dream team (14/07/2013)

Backroom changes at Oxford United (17/07/2013)

Oxford V Birmingham (19/07/2013)

Oxford team V Birmingham City (21/07/2013)

No Blues for Oxford fans (22/07/2013)

Oxford get another 500 tickets for Portsmouth (22/07/2013)

No more Mulling over the squad at Oxford (22/07/2013)

City take on United in Oxford clash (23/07/2013)

City get the better of United (24/07/2013)

Oxford look to get into the ruff stuff (24/07/2013)

Oxford v Coventry (25/07/2013)

Oxford team V Coventry (27/07/2013)

Sky Blues sent back to Coventry erm Northampton (29/07/2013)

Oxford off to Cornwall (29/07/2013)

Oxford record 'Hansome' result in Cornwall. (01/08/2013)

Kangaroo kid lined up for the U's (02/08/2013)

Review of July for the U's (02/08/2013)

The U's in August (02/08/2013)

Oxford United squad numbers (02/08/2013)

Poll Results for July (02/08/2013)

Portsmouth V Oxford (02/08/2013)

Oxford team V Portsmouth (04/08/2013)

Play up Pompey, They didn't !! (05/08/2013)

Charlton V Oxford (06/08/2013)

Oxford team V Charlton (06/08/2013)

Championship performance by the Addicks (07/08/2013)

Didcot Town V Oxford United XI (07/08/2013)

Yellows feeling loopy at loop meadow (10/08/2013)

Oxford v Bury (10/08/2013)

Oxford team v Bury (10/08/2013)

Oxford come out smelling of Roses (11/08/2013)

Torquay V Oxford (15/08/2013)

Oxford team v Torquay (18/08/2013)

Oxford go home signing in the rain (19/08/2013)

Injury update on the U's (23/08/2013)

Oxford v Wycombe (23/08/2013)

Oxford team v Wycombe (24/08/2013)

Mullins rescues point for U`s (25/08/2013)

Great work by OxVox being challenged (27/08/2013)

Yellow Army aim to raise player funding (27/08/2013)

Oxford v Rochdale (30/08/2013)

Special General Meeting OxVox (30/08/2013)

Oxford team v Rochdale (31/08/2013)

Beano seals point against the dale (02/09/2013)

Looking back at August (02/09/2013)

September for the U's (02/09/2013)

Yellow Army party (04/09/2013)

Yellow Army party (04/09/2013)

Skybet league 2 manager of month August (05/09/2013)

Skybet league 2 player of month August (05/09/2013)

August Poll results (07/09/2013)

Manager and Player awards for August (07/09/2013)

Burton v Oxford (07/09/2013)

Oxford team v Burton (07/09/2013)

Oxford keep it clean and get 3 points (09/09/2013)

Oxford keep it clean and get 3 points (09/09/2013)

Pompey paint draw for Oxford (14/09/2013)

Another pair of safe hands (14/09/2013)

Cheltenham V Oxford (14/09/2013)

Oxford team V Cheltenham (14/09/2013)

Injury hit U's managed to earn a draw (16/09/2013)

Oxford v Chesterfield (20/09/2013)

Oxford team V Chesterfield (21/09/2013)

Oxford get the Hump(hreys) (23/09/2013)

Hartlepool v Oxford (27/09/2013)

Oxford take on Swindon (27/09/2013)

Oxford team V Hartlepool (28/09/2013)

Yellows back to winning ways against Pool (01/10/2013)

Super 7 against the Robins (01/10/2013)

The U's looking back at September (02/10/2013)

The U's in October (02/10/2013)

Poll Result for September (02/10/2013)

Dubes hangs up his boots (04/10/2013)

Shwan Saman Jalal leaves the U's (04/10/2013)

Oxford V Southend (04/10/2013)

Oxford team v Southend (05/10/2013)

Dire home form for the yellows (06/10/2013)

Oxford V Portsmouth (08/10/2013)

Oxford team v Portsmouth (09/10/2013)

Double trouble as U's suffer 2nd defeat (10/10/2013)

Oxford v Northampton (12/10/2013)

Oxford team v Northampton (12/10/2013)

Beano and Rosey score for the U's (19/10/2013)

Accrington V Oxford (19/10/2013)

Oxford team V Accrington (20/10/2013)

U's frustrated at Stanley (21/10/2013)

AFC Wimbledon tickets sold out (21/10/2013)

Injured list starting to grow at Oxford (21/10/2013)

Your Nominations Wanted For The FSF Awards (22/10/2013)

Oxford V Exeter (22/10/2013)

More Income for the U's (22/10/2013)

Oxford team v Exeter (22/10/2013)

Thunder and Lightening as U's & Grecian battle (23/10/2013)

Wimbledon V Oxford (25/10/2013)

Oxford team v Wimbledon (26/10/2013)

Deano and Beano blast us top (27/10/2013)

FA Cup draw for the first round (27/10/2013)

It's Gateshead in the cup for the U's (27/10/2013)

U's to face Didcot in FA Youth Cup (30/10/2013)

Youth team go through in FA Youth Cup (31/10/2013)

Looking back at October & OUFC (02/11/2013)

The U's in November (02/11/2013)

The October U's Poll (02/11/2013)

Oxford V Bristol (02/11/2013)

Oxford team V Bristol Rovers (02/11/2013)

Pirates raid the U's to get 3 points (03/11/2013)

Yellow Army team up with Oxford Ice Hockey team (03/11/2013)

Dave Kitson blasts referee (05/11/2013)

Alfie out for 8 weeks (07/11/2013)

2013 Oxfordshire Sports Awards (07/11/2013)

Dave Kitson charged by FA (08/11/2013)

Oxford v Gateshead (09/11/2013)

Oxford team v Gateshead (09/11/2013)

Last minute U's in the draw (09/11/2013)

FA Cup 1st round replay date (09/11/2013)

The FA Cup Second Round draw. Ball 12 for the U's (09/11/2013)

Mansfield V Oxford (16/11/2013)

Oxford team V Mansfield (17/11/2013)

Oxford go top on Stag party (18/11/2013)

Gateshead v Oxford (20/11/2013)

FA Cup Gateshead V Oxford (22/11/2013)

Oxford v Morecambe (23/11/2013)

Oxford team v Morecambe (23/11/2013)

U's get a win at home in style (24/11/2013)

Oxford v Newport (26/11/2013)

Oxford team v Newport (26/11/2013)

U's stay top with draw at home (29/11/2013)

100 goals for James 'Beano' Constable (29/11/2013)

U's tested with more injury bad news (29/11/2013)

Popular Clarke is 200 man (29/11/2013)

Fleetwood v Oxford (29/11/2013)

Oxford team v Fleetwood (30/11/2013)

Cod almighty the U's stay top with a point (30/11/2013)

Chris Wilder in talks with Portsmouth (04/12/2013)

Oxford looking back at November (04/12/2013)

Oxford in December (05/12/2013)

Gateshead v Oxford (05/12/2013)

Oxford team v Gateshead (08/12/2013)

Oxford heed North East with a win (08/12/2013)

Pompey close in on new manager (08/12/2013)

Number 59 for Oxford and Wrexham (08/12/2013)

Injury woe continues for the U's (08/12/2013)

Charlton away in the FA Cup (08/12/2013)

Wrexham v Oxford (09/12/2013)

Oxford team v Wrexham (11/12/2013)

Kangaroo kid gets better of Dragons (12/12/2013)

Injury front gets better (14/12/2013)

12th man Xmas draw (14/12/2013)

Oxford v Dagenham & Redbridge (14/12/2013)

Oxford team v Dagenham & Redbridge (14/12/2013)

Kitson and Beano put the dagger in. (15/12/2013)

Kitson to play on (16/12/2013)

Tickets now on General Sale (16/12/2013)

York City v Oxford United (21/12/2013)

Oxford team v York (21/12/2013)

Yorky raise the bar to earn a draw (23/12/2013)

Oxford extend midfield man stay with the U's (23/12/2013)

Oxford v Plymouth (26/12/2013)

Oxford team v Plymouth (27/12/2013)

Big match turns into big flop for the U's (27/12/2013)

Oxford v Scunthorpe (29/12/2013)

Oxford team v Scunthorpe (29/12/2013)

Oxford need to IRON out home form (30/12/2013)

Newport v Oxford (31/12/2013)

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